Spirit Night at the GARLIC KNOT!
20% of sales go to sponsoring School or Organization!!

Let the GARLIC KNOT help you raise funds for your school or organization!! Here’s how it works:

  • Your school or organization and Garlic Knot designate a date for the “Spirit Night". We can only book a Monday or Tuesday for your event.
  • Your school or organization advertises the date, sends students/members home with fliers instructing friends and families to patronize Garlic Knot including DINE-IN, TAKEOUT & DELIVERY on the agreed upon date.
  • Spirit Night date comes, everyone enjoys Garlic Knot food and Garlic Knot writes a Very Big Check (20% or related Spirit Night sales) to your school or organization!!

It’s that simple!

Call the store nearest to you for pricing and more information!


Make Your Own PIZZA


It’s simple!

Book a “MAKE YOUR OWN" party at the Garlic Knot in our private party room! We take ALL the kids on a tour through our kitchen while our chefs are making pizza! Our pizza makers teach the kids how to make their very own pizza. The party includes soda, garlic knots, make your own kids pizzas (which the kids make themselves and get to eat), and desert.

We welcome you to take as many pictures of the kids working alongside our experienced pizza chefs in our kitchen.

It really is that simple!

Call or come in to the store nearest you to schedule your “Make Your Own PIZZA" party!